Full Highlight

 Going Blond. This is a multi step process. Full baby lights, full tip out ends balayage, base shadow/ lowlight coloring. – 350+

Partial Highlight

Dimensional Lightening. Foils, Balayage, Flamboyage, Foilayage, or a mix. This keeps a LOT of your natural color throughout. -250+

Touch Up Flamboyage/ Balayage/ Foil,

This is for the guest who has had a full lightening service with me within 3-6 months of your last color service. This is a blending service to touch up a FULL or PARTIAL Highlight. Foiling, root blurring, gloss. full 250+/partial 185+

Full Color

All over color roots to ends – 175+, additional Foil/Balayage/ Flamboyage 75+

Full Color Multi Dimensional

Three colors or more to create a more natural looking look – 175+, Additional Foil/Balayage/ Flamboyage 75+

Base Color

This is for a guest who has come for a Full Color and needs the roots touched up. 4-6 weeks of growth – 125+, additional Foil/Balayage/ Flamboyage 75+

Gray Blending

Demi permanent color that fades over time creating a non committal color – 75+

Semi Permanent

1 All Over Color, lasts between 10-20 washes – 65+

Full Lightening,

This is a multi step process that can take upwards of 3 – 6+ hours depending on thickness and length of hair. A consultation is required to book this appointment.- 125+/hour *(This assessment of time is based on natural, uncolored hair)

Face Frame

In Between Full Highlight of Lightening Appointments- 165+, Additional Toning or Melt- 60+


Hair must be previously lightened or light enough naturally to pick up the pure pigment colors. Price based on consultation and lightness of hair.

*Prices and time based on hair with no previous color or chemical treaments. 

*There is a $1 sustainability fee added per service to keep our carbon footprint down by 98%

All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. All cancellations after 24 hours will be assessed a 50% service charge for a missed appointment.

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